An Observational Study On Cervical Cancer In Sri Lanka And Its Prevention And Management.


  • Prabhashi Mannapperuma Charisma University, Kursk State Medical University
  • Dr.Ghassan Salibi Charisma University
  • Professor Nikolaos Tzenios Charisma University



On Cervical Cancer In Sri Lanka , On Cervical Cancer


Background: Cervical cancer is a major health concern worldwide, with significant prevalence in Sri Lanka. Despite being preventable through early detection and vaccination, the disease continues to cause high morbidity and mortality among Sri Lankan women, primarily due to late diagnosis and inadequate access to treatment and preventive measures.

Methods and Materials: This observational study employs a cross-sectional design to collect data from a representative sample of Sri Lankan women, using structured questionnaires and interviews. The study aims to determine the prevalence of cervical cancer, identify risk factors, assess awareness and preventive practices, and explore challenges in treatment and prevention. Statistical analysis will be performed on the collected data to achieve these objectives.

Results: The study is expected to provide detailed insights into the prevalence and risk factors of cervical cancer in Sri Lanka, along with the current state of awareness and preventive measures among women. It will also highlight the barriers to effective treatment and prevention, guiding future strategies.

Conclusion: The findings of this study will significantly contribute to understanding the impact of cervical cancer in Sri Lanka, offering evidence-based recommendations for healthcare providers, policymakers, and the community to improve cervical cancer prevention and management strategies, with the ultimate goal of reducing the incidence and mortality rates of the disease in the country.


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